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Oct 10, 2004 6:32 PM by Discussion: Icons
For anyone interested, here's a sneak peek of an icon project that I've been working on from time to time.

When I find the time I will be adding minor details as well as pulling the overall theme together. This is also the very VERY early stage of development, so the final product may look like this or it may look completely different. I'll keep you posted.

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Oct 7, 2004 5:06 PM by Discussion: Icons

Anyone who has had an online chat with me will know that I'm nothing if not narcissistic. And even that is an understatement. Having said that, this article will probably only be of interest to me. I also wanted to test out the article system for my new Wincustomize page so what better topic to talk about than me?

So here I present the evolution of the Marcintesh icon set:

Working Title: Farkus OS-X

Riding off what I thought at the time was a successful icon set, FarkusXP, I sought out to create a second set. I started this one just like I do with any of my creative works, I threw up a vomit of shapes and colors, and saw what stuck. This is what I ended up with. At this time I was planning ahead to mimic Apple's file types so, based on the name of my first set, I named it Farkus OS-X.

Working Title: Funk-e Simple

I've always had a fascination with the art style used in the Leisure Suit Larry video game series. Any old-school gamer will know what I'm talking about. It's slightly retro, a little art deco. I have no idea what I'm talking about but the art majors out there know what I'm trying to get at. I was trying to emulate that funky, off-tilt look. The name also seemed lame, so I changed to an equally lame Funk-e Simple.

Working Title: Kitchen

While working on this new set, I was also reading the comments people were leaving for FarkusXP. Among the most prominent complaint was that there are too many blue icons. I wasn't too thrilled with my color choices thus far anyway so I went with another fascination of mine, 70's Kitchen Green. If I ever renovate my kitchen, every appliance will be green. And on that thought, I renamed the package Kitchen and rounded off the monitor's base.

Working Title: Kitchen

It still wasn't right. I couldn't place my finger on it but something just wasn't working for me. It was at this moment that I decided to try my hand at rendering. This stage of the evolution shows how badly I was at it.

Working Title: Marcintesh OS-W

A couple tutorials later and this is where the set landed. I was never really able to do that glossy, shiny look so I just abandoned it altogether. I also went a slightly different direction with the overall look and feel. I was shooting for a Jetson's post-modern futuristic look and missed completely. Still, I'm happy with the results. Another comment left for the FarkusXP inspired me to rename this set. Someone was complaining that I was being self-congratulatory by naming the set "FarkusXP" when my nick on WinCustomize was "farkusmarkus". This made me giggle. So, at the time, I decided that everything I do will be named after me. A lot of inspiration for this set came from the Mac OS-X Panther icons, so I parodied that title (obviously), combined it with my name, and dubbed it Marcintesh OS-W Tabby. And just for good measure, I threw a tabby in the trash can. However, the name struck me as too long so I shortened it to Marcintesh OS-W.

Title: Marcintesh OS-W

And then the inevitable happened. I lost my mind completely. I'm not sure how it happened or why I thought it was a good idea but I threw in six new colors. I also wanted to try and skin every single file type I could get my hands on as well as any application that I felt needed an icon. I was mad with iconifying. Before I knew it, I ended up with a 12 meg download and several emails to a mod asking if that was okay. I did, however, manage to stop myself before trying to apply funny names to the color schemes, similar to the old iMacs.

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does anyone else hear "It puts the lotion in the basket" in their heads or is it just me?
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I'm not finding any documentation on that option in IconPackager.
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I could use help and/or information from y'all.

Of the standard 8 formats (128,96,72,64,48,32,24,16), how many are actually used? In other words, if I were to include only 48,32, and 16 (for file types) in a package can I expect an uprising outside my house?

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Jul 24, 2004 6:40 PM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk
But what am I so afraid of?
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I'd have to say that Jairo Boudewyn first inspired me to try and learn how to emulate the glassy aqua look and from that I took a shot at skinning.
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Jul 20, 2004 10:14 PM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk
My 17" Trinitron monitor bit the big one so I plunked down some of my extra change on a 19" CRT. Now everything looks just a bit grainy. Now is everything "grainy" because I've gotten used to viewing a flat screen or is the monitor just dodgy? Or is it because I'm just really picky about things because my wife claims not to notice?
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Jul 9, 2004 8:56 PM by Discussion: Skinning
1) The mouse-over text for IE/Explorer insists on being gray. Is it a glitch? If not, where's the color setting?

2) When including a default wall, I can't get it to load unless it's a BMP. Anyway to make it work with a JPG?

3) When including a default IconPackager theme, I can't get it to load. Is it because I'm using shareware versions or am I doing something wrong?

4) The Desktop icon in the explorer dialog skins at random. Bug?
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Anyone know why? Sometimes they load up skinned but most of the time they load up flat style. This applies to all skins. I'm running the latest shareware version.
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